Friday, 27 February 2015

Solving Simple Problems

1. Ever saw a Youtube screen like this? Wondering how to fix it? Its simple
 just navigate to This URL and click on "Request the HTML5 Player" button and now again try to     see the video....problem solved...

2. Can't Access NTSystem class in Eclipse?

just remove the JRE System library from build path and add it again. Problem solved.
Refer How To Do It

3. You have set session key value pair using php but while retriving value from session its not working, the answer to this problem is simple

Just add session_start(); (at start of php page)

where u are setting the key vaue pair in session and on the php page where u are retreiving the content from session just simply use
session_start(); (at start of php page)

4. Connection reset ??? 

It simply says that the process or server you are trying to connect is not listening on that port on which you suppose it is running, why so? offcourse you must have made some minor / major mistake in your code.

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