Friday, 17 August 2012

Take Away ( Free Of Cost )

This week on take away i m giving away a software which i had sole'd to 4 peoples, 1 last year and 3 this year as a final year project (diploma),  The software performs following functions

  1. Encrypt any of your .png or .jpg files with AES (  Advanced Encryption Standard  )
Last year when i sole'd this project that guy asked me a smart question 
What if there is a spyware running on my computer which is capturing all my input or keystroke's ?
 So to solve this problem i have added a layer called second factor of authentication which is


now the software can defeat any keylogger's (remember keylogger's have types)

  1. The ones which only capture your keystokes
  2. another one is a bit advance and apart form capturing keystroke's they also capture your screen
So now even though that spyware software has your secret key which you have used to encrypt your image's, he/she will not be able to decrypt it until he/she has your "TOKEN"

TOKEN can be any thing your pen-drive, external hdd, or whatever which you can plug into system and prove that you are the one which actually encrypted the images, unless & until token has not been inserted the software will not perform decryption process.

So i m giving away the simple version of this software which only encrypts and decrypts without defeating keylogger's .
if you want the more advance version of this software then mail me at

Always download latest builds

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