Saturday, 28 September 2013

Can You Find Longest Palindrome??

Placements            Placements            Placements!!!

This period of time I.e from September to I guess April is a golden period for all final year engineering students as many companies come to respective colleges paying different amount of salary “k” where k ranges between 2.50 <= k <= 7 lac/annum (at-least in my college).

Today as usual I was heading to my college in 8:24 CST train, in my compartment there were 2 students both were dumb, dumb because one of them was telling to other that “I couldn’t be able to write code for prime number during 1 to 1 PI (Personal Interview)” shit and still this people call themselves computer science majors ...duhh!!!

So I thought why not to write a series of blogs which will showcase some of the challenging problems in CS ranging from simplest to most challenging one's...HOPE THIS WILL HELP!

#1 Longest Palindrome

Problem statement:- Given a string “S”  find longest possible substring “Si” such that
0 <=s<=n
Where n is length of string S and s is length of String Si.

public class LongestSubstring {

    void start( ){
       String s = new Scanner(;
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        new LongestSubstring().start();

    char[][] c;
    int uptr = 0,lptr = 1;
    private void palindrome(String s) {
        char[] str = s.toCharArray();
        c = new char[2][str.length];
        System.arraycopy(str, 0, c[lptr], 0, str.length);
        int j = str.length-1;
        for (int I = 0; I <= j; I++,j--) {
            if( str[I] == str[j] )
                c[uptr][I] = c[uptr][j] = '1';
        int res = 0;
        for (int I = 0; I < c[0].length; I++) {
            if( c[uptr][I] == '1'){
        System.out.println("len of largest palindrome = " + res);


#1 abgaffdgba
Longest palindrome – abgffgba

Stay hungry stay foolish!

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